Başkanın Mesajı

Dear Members,

Thank goodness for a long election marathon, we have finished in peace, with a maturity worthy of our Chamber and business world. First of all I congratulate and wish success to our board of directors, our president of the assembly and presiding board, our member of assembly, Turkish Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges general assembly members, members of professional committee and members of discipline committee.

We renovated all of Chamber organizations in consequence of election in which we live in the most beautiful form of democracy. We have to see our elections as a flag race. Because there is no loser in this election. The winners are our members, our Chamber and our country Balikesir. Hopefully we all will be serve for this Chamber, members and accordingly our country Balikesir for 4 years.

Especially I want to draw underline; in this task we have received, we will use the financial resources of Balikesir Chamber of Commerce with the new management model in the most effective way. We will demonstrate a unified, transparent and questionable management model in which all ideas and opinions are respected and respected without any discrimination. We will contribute to the business world of Balıkesir with modernist, innovative, productive, supportive social life and unified management understanding.

I especially want to remind you that we comprise a whole. 129 years Balikesir Chamber of Commerce is commended to us. What falls to us is that our members deserve this trust and respect. We are trying to be the common voice of the Balikesir trade life only and with our best intention. After that, we will work with you in the light of your ideas and opinions on behalf of take Balıkesir Chamber of Commerce and Balikesir trade further.

Best Regards,

Rahmi Kula

President of the Executive Board

Haberi Paylas